Our Company, Its Values ​​and Principles

•  Visión
To be the absolute leader giving human resources solutions, improving the productive performance of the personnel so that they are responsible from a strategic, ethical and social point of view.

•  Mission
Based on service and quality, transform the way of working, into benefits for the different areas of opportunity in each client company.

•  Philosophy
Being a highly trained company, to apply the best strategies, being a professional team, focused on optimizing costs and processes giving our customers the luxury of tranquility.

•  Business principles

Innovation and technological avant-garde: At HTA Group, we care about providing quality and cutting-edge services every day, giving our clients certainty and trust, through managing the constant development of our employees.

Reliability: The trust of our customers, suppliers and collaborators of the company is important to us, since through it we achieve a cooperative and harmonious environment between the people and the businesses we exercise.

Customer Service and Quality: At HTA Group, we encourage warmth, well-being and good treatment with our customers, suppliers and collaborators through our services; generating motivation and commitment in our collaborators, so that our clients are pleased and satisfied.

•  Quality Policy

Develop and implement all necessary actions that allow us to meet the needs and demands of our customers, complying at all times with the legal requirements and procedures that govern our activity.

Understanding that our human resources are the greatest asset of the company, we promote the development of their competences to meet the objectives set, thus promoting their personal and professional growth.

Continuously improve performance in our activities, to effectively manage the available resources and thus ensure the sustainability of the organization.

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